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May 6,  1892

SUBJECT: Jahlcian Rippers

I have finished up my investigation of the "Jack the Ripper" murder cases, and I am certain that from the remains of an alien craft I discovered in the River Thames, the killer was neither man nor Mobian, but a horrific alien... robot, called a Jahlcian Ripper.

On the the alien planet of Jahlcia, the society is a technologically advanced, yet savage race,  for they are both brutal in enforcing their laws and hateful of wasting anything from water to body parts. So whenever they discover a criminal, they sentence him to death, no matter how small the crime, and send them to the Rippers.

Rippers are horrific robots that will use whatever they can find to survive & repair themselves, everything from wooden sticks or bones as arm braces to human hair & cotton twine as the equivalent of muscle tendons, but they prefer to user the most enduring and advanced things they can find, no matter what it is made of, so if it finds a body part that's in good enough condition, it will integrate it into its system. However, despite being allowed to roam the streets of the Jahlcian cities, it is programmed to obey the law and to "Harvest" only from Jahlcians on their deathbeds, willing donors, & what the Jahlcians would consider criminals, otherwise ignoring the passerby.

They sound like such horrific monsters, and from our perspective they are, but to the Jahlcians they're simply law enforcement, coroners, & surgeons. They are usually dressed in what resembles a leather apron, and they are made up of a mixture of various metals, ranging from iron & copper to brass & gold. They look like spindly, yet demonic hunched over skeletons running on clockwork gears & electronics, but with bird like legs. Their hands have five digits each, each one housing a surgical tool of some kind. The index finger has a scalpel-like instrument built into it that is made from a volcanic glass similar to Earth's obsidian rock, only much more durable, called Jahlcite. The middle finger houses a syringe full of anesthetic which they can either administer at close range or fire out a short distance in case someone tries to resist. The primary thumb contains a device which implants surgical staples to seal the wound closed. The secondary thumb (Which is, for the record, is where our pinkie finger would be) contains an instant cauterizing foam to stop intense blood flow. The fifth & final finger (the ring finger to us) has a small, but powerful laser built into it capable of melting through a centimeter of steel within two minutes, most likely used to cut through the thick, iron-like bones that the Jahlcians possess.

They also possess tails that are mainly used for balance when running and to grab onto ledges & poles, though the tail tip can move fast enough to surpass that of a whip crack, which, when combined with the serrated meathook-like appendage on the end of it, makes it an intimidating and dangerous weapon.

The head is arguably the most disturbing. It is made from a Jahlcian skull, which resemble human skulls but with longer craniums and inch long growths on the foreheads resembling miniature horns or maybe crests. Unlike the sunken eyed Jahlcians though, Rippers have "eye stalks" similar to a snail's, only more flexible in its movements, and usually with miniature cameras with which they see, though they have replaced broken cameras with actual eyes. But while the Jahlicians possess serpent-like jaws capable of swallowing a fully grown average man with difficulty, the Rippers don't even have jaws, instead they have large shredder/grinders attached to the bottom of the skull's upper jaw which are meant to break down whatever fuel they have, whether it's flesh, plant matter or otherwise, and "ingest" it in their "stomaches", which are hooked up to the main generator that makes the abominations move their stolen limbs.

The monster, though able to see quite well in the dark and detect slight tremors in the ground, cannot smell or hear anything, so they aren't unstoppable. If whomever reads this is unfortunate enough to have to fight one of these things, I'd recommend attacking from a great distance, and to use stealth over brute force. Recommended weapons: Winchester Rifle & Patterson Colt pistols (aim for where the stomach is) with plenty of ammo, and the longest, sharpest sword you can acquire (to sever the tubes that connect its "stomach" to the generator).
....oh dear god I need psychiatric help. That, and I need to stop watching walkthroughs off horror games, but seriously!

:iconavgnwtfplz: WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!?

<sigh> Either way... enjoy this... I guess... should I mark this as mature?

Lucas Noble, the Jahlcian species & Jahlcian Ripper concepts belongs to me.

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Uber-Dan Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Very nice.
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You're welcome.
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