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Book Two: Dark Shadows

Chapter 13: Jamie's Savior

"WHAT!?!?!" everyone shouted in shock.

"Perhaps... I should start a bit further back." Nega said, reverting back to his roughly mobian shaped form.

"I do not remember how Eggman placed my mind within this... form, but I suspect that it was during his attack with the Egg Leach, the only thing I remember was being in a dark place, feeling strange, and cramped. I could not sleep, and yet... once, I found myself dreaming... of a carnival... it was Conney Island.  My brother was there... but so was this FAKER!" Nega shouted, pointing at Jason.

"But... I retrieved my brother... and took it upon myself to punish... the one who thought it amusing... to call himself Jamie's brother... when I am his brother!! I decided to have some fun... testing out my capabilities... it was a dream, but... it still brought me satisfaction whenever the faker got hurt... I was close to breaking his mind.... but then the dream ended, and I was back in the dark place... until Eggman freed me..."

June 29 2011
Egg Carrier 3.0
3:57 A.M.
Eggman's Personal Laboratory

"... you need to do something for me." Nega Jason said, slowly refining his features until they didn't look as much like a Mephiles rip off.

"Er... alright, but what do you want?" Eggman asked, too scared to notice how ill he felt.

"How many Chaos emeralds do you possess?" Nega Jason asked.

"Three or four, why?" Eggman asked.

"Bring them to me. I need them." Nega said.

"Why do you nee-" Eggman began.

"I said bring them! Or I will not aid you!!" Nega snapped.

"Okay! Okay!" Eggman said, going over to a glass container and pulling out the Chaos Emeralds he had in his possession. "Here you are, now what was it that you wanted to use these emeralds for?" Eggman asked.

"I am going to rescue my brother." Nega Jason said. "CHAOS CONTROL!" he shouted before Eggman could say anything.

December 25 2004
Manhattan, NY
7:25 A.M.
Outside Jason's Home

Nega Jason reappeared outside of Jason's home, where he quickly moved into the alleyway, accidentally knocking some boxes over and scaring away a cat. He quietly made his way around the apartment, calmly waiting for the events to transpire. Once he saw Jason being dragged out of the building, yelling like a madman, he quickly moved up the side of the burning building towards Jamie's room, where he saw his "brother" screaming for Jason and coughing violently from the smoke.

"J-Jason??" Jamie asked through his coughing, unable to see him clearly thanks to his eyes watering up from the smoke.

"Calm down, my brother,  I am here!" Nega Jason said, slowly moving towards him. Before Jamie could react though a part of the ceiling collapsed and hit Jamie on the head, knocking him out and making him drop his necklace on the ground, though Nega Jason didn't care and picked up Jamie. "Brother!" he shouted, before spotting something red coming out of the side of his head. "We'd better get out of here!" he said quickly, forming a bandage with Jamie's scarf to stop the bleeding, then pulling out his Chaos Emeralds. "Chaos Control!! he shouted, disappearing just before the ceiling collapsed on top of them.

June 29 2011
Egg Carrier 3.0
4:02 A.M.
Eggman's Personal Laboratory

Nega Jason reappeared on board the Egg Carrier, still clutching his unconscious brother.

"What happened!?" Eggman shouted in shock.

"My brother... heal him!!" Nega Jason shouted.

"Calm down! Follow me to the medical bay!" Eggman told him, leading him to the place and hooking him up to all the equipment to monitor his life signs.

"Will he live?" Nega Jason asked, though there did not seem to be too much concern in his voice.

"The blow to his cranium has caused some internal damage, which will be difficult to fix. And he has inhaled so much smoke he may need a respirator for the rest of his life." Eggman said with worry.

"Then heal him." Nega Jason said.

"I don't know if I ca-" Eggman began before he was shoved up against the wall by Nega Jason, who had a murderous look in his eyes.

"Listen to me, you fat piece of <bleep>, and listen closely! If you don't fix my brother back to his proper health," he angrily threatened, his hands turning into long, cerated yellow claws which he slowly dragged across Eggman's cheek, "I will kill you. I do not care if you clone him a new body or give him cyborg parts!!" he then threw the scientist onto the ground, "JUST FIX HIM!!!" he screamed at the top of his metaphorical lungs before leaving.

Present Day...

"I do not know why Eggman changed so suddenly, but that is how I saved MY brother." Nega Jason said.

"I can fill in the blanks." Eggman said, flying in with his Egg Mobile, Orbot next to him. "You see, after you left..."

The Past...

"Urgh..." Eggman moaned, holding his hand to the scarred cheek, which burned like it was on fire as he stood up. "That miserable sludge puddle..."

'Why should you listen to that thing?' a voice in his head asked.

'Because if I don't, he will kill me.' Eggman replied, not questioning where the voice was coming from.

'True.... but then, why not use this situation to your advantage?' the voice asked.

'What do you mean?' Eggman asked.

'A soul contains enough energy to rival a chaos emerald, doesn't it?' the voice asked.

'Yes...' Eggman said in an unsure voice.

'Then why not place the boy's soul in a robot body? Make it strong enough to rival Sonic. Then you may win.' the voice told him.

'No! I-I refuse to lower myself to that level!!' Eggman immediately denied.

'You are a villain, aren't you?' the voice pointed out.

'Yes, but I have my limits!! That's why I never aided the Black Arms!' Eggman said. 'And besides, how would I even put the soul in a robot body!?'

'Don't you remember the spell? The one you discovered while looking up the lore behind Chaos and the echidna civilization?' the voice asked.

'What spell!?' Eggman asked, frustrated as he tried to work on helping Jamie.

'The spell the echidnas used to place the souls of their greatest warriors in the bodies of lifelike statues as a reward for their bravery and skill? The spell the echidna Tikal used to lock away Chaos and herself in the Master Emerald?' the voice reminded him.

'Oh, that spell. Yes, I suppose it could work, but I refuse to do it!! Besides, that... THING would probably kill me for doing that to its brother.' Eggman reasoned.

'Ah, but he DID say that he didn't care about how you saved him, as long as he remained alive.' the voice pointed out.

'True... Eggman said.

'And do you want Sonic to defeat you forever?' the voice asked.

"No." Eggman muttered to himself.

'Do you want him to trash your creations every time you fight?' the voice asked.

"No..." Eggman said, a little louder.

'Do you want to be a man mocked for his failures, all of which caused by a spiny blue rodent? the voice asked louder.

"No..!" Eggman said angrily, not noticing the scars on his cheek burning even more as they glowed a sickly yellow.

'Do you want your Eggman Empire to just be a hopeless dream while the rodent and his friends mock you and laugh at your creations!?' the voice shouted.

"NEVER!!" Eggman nearly yelled.

'Then....' the voice said in a smug tone, 'you know what you must do.'

"Yes... I do." Eggman said as he went over to the computer and typed in some commands to his robots, his eyes now bright yellow behind his glasses.

A Few Minutes Later...

"Why do you need all this to help the child?" Orbot asked, gesturing towards a piece of paper, some paint, a disk-like object, an incomplete robot, a Chaos Emerald, a glass container the size of a trash can, and a smaller container with an open lid the size of a tin can.

"None of your business!" Eggman snapped, "Now move aside. This process will be very delicate, and how is the construction of the project going?"

"It is nearly completed." Orbot told him.

"Good." Eggman said, picking up the container and painting several runes upon it. "There, now we may begin." he said, putting the container on Jamie's barely alive body, then clearing his throat and reading off of the scrap of paper. "Caos, Deus da Destruição, invoco seu poder para transferir esta alma para este novo corpo, o qual morte e tempo nunca tocarão!"

As he spoke something started to leave Jamie's body and gather in the container, something like white mist having been made solid, or pure light having been made liquid, but it moved in a way as if scared, or saddened.

"It worked!!" Eggman said excitedly, quickly closing off the container using a top that had two metal prongs sticking out of the top, like a battery or a plug. He went over to the robot and slipped the container inside of the chest, right where the heart would have been. He then took the disk and hooked it up to the container, making sure it would not easily come loose before shutting the chest. "As soon as the weapon is ready, have it built into one of the Egg Shooters, then have that robot bring the creature here. I will be working on a container for it." Eggman instructed. "Oh, and have the boy's body incinerated." he said, throwing Jamie's scarf in the trash.

"Yes sir." Orbot said, hoping off while Eggman took the larger container and began modifying it.

June 30 2011
Egg Carrier, Medical Room
4:27 A.M.

"So... you are finished?" Nega Jason asked as he was escorted inside by an Egg Shooter and an Egg Knight.

Yes... I am." Eggman said with a grin, stepping aside to reveal the completed robot.

"What?! This was NOT what I meant for you to do! I demand that you-ARGH!" Nega Jason said, growing his claws out, before being shot in the back with the Positive Chaos Energy cannon and collapsing on the ground in a semi-liquid form.

"Good, he's unconscious, have this puddle of sludge taken to that special storage unit had I built before he wakes up. I need to greet the newest soldier to join our cause." commanded Eggman.

"Yes Doctor. Units SA-36 and SA-24, take him to the stasis pod." said Orbot, hopping away with the other two robots as they placed Nega Jason in the pod and carried him off.

Present Day...

"-and the rest you know." Eggman finished.

"Indeed." Nega Jason agreed. "And now that you know how Jamie got a robot body... I can kill you." he said, his claws growing out.

"How!? No offense, but you don't seem too fa-" Sonic began, when Nega Jason moved with astonishing speed and knocked Sonic to the other side of the platform.

"I move slowly to conserve energy, but I assure you, I am quite fast." Nega explained.

"We'll see!" Jason said, pulling out Renewed Hope and activating it.

"Fool... I AM STRONGER!!" Nega Jason shouted, charging towards Jason, his claws out, and while Jason quickly ducked to dodge them, he was still hit in the shoulder. "Argh!!" Nega Jason said, clutching his own shoulder, which had three claw marks, just like Jason's. "Wha-what!?!?" Nega said in shock.

"Why're you hurt??" Jason asked.

"Does it matter!? Attack!!" Jamie said, firing several laser shots at Nega, sending him into the generator, causing it to spark heavily. But when Nega Jason finally separated himself from the machine, he wasn't hurt. In fact, he looked much better. "What!?!?"

"So... electricity heals me..." Nega Jason said, looking at his now healed shoulder, and Jason's still wounded one, before taking on his human form. "Then I guess I CAN kill you after all!!" he said, and what looked like a battle ax formed in his hands.

"... then I'll have to kill you first!!" Jason said, getting into a pose with his sword, while the others got ready to fight.

"So you all want to die as well? I am disappointed, but no matter!" Nega shouted, running forward and swinging his battle ax at Jason many times before being stopped by a blast from Neo's arm cannons, where he got knocked away by a swipe from Amy's Piko Piko hammer, then shot at with the Egg Mobile. "Grrr..! Fine, I guess I will have to use someone ELSE!" he shouted, before turning to Tails and slashing his sickly yellow claws at him, before seemingly vanishing.

"Tails! Are you okay?" Sonic asked, running over to check up on him, but was sent flying by a punch from the fox. "Tails!? What was that for!?" he asked, confused.

"'Am I alright?' Of course I'm alright!!" Tails shouted, his eyes bright yellow. "You always treat me like I can't take care of myself!! Like I'm just some weak kid!"

"Tails!? What are you talking about!?" Amy shouted to him. "We have more important things to-"

"So I'm not important!?" Tails shouted, black sludge slowly forming over his body. "So I'm just Sonic's weak little sidekick, who gets no credit whatsoever!?"

"Oh god, Tails is possessed!!" Selina shouted.

"So every time I speak up, everyone thinks someone is controlling my mind!?" Tails shouted, claws ripping through his gloves. "I'll show you my true potential, by beating you all!!" he shouted, his voice a mixture of Tails' and Nega Jason's as he charged at Sonic, swinging both his tails and his claws at him.

Jason, remembering the thing that possessed Shadow, pulled out a flash bang grenade. "Hey, sidekick!!" he shouted, making Tails look in his direction as Jason pulled the pin and threw the flash bang at him, which exploded right in front of his face. "AAHHH!" Tails shouted, his voice turning back into his own while Nega Jason was forced out of him, covering his eyes.

"M-my eyes!! I-I cannot see!!" he shouted.

"I've got you now!!" Eggman shouted, firing several lasers at him.

"ENOUGH!!" Nega Jason yelled, an orb of negative chaos energy forming in his hand, which he threw at Eggman, exploding upon contact and knocking him down below. But Nega did not see the hammer swung at him, wielded by a very unhappy hedgehog.

"That was for tails!!" Amy shouted, attacking Nega repeatedly with her hammer.

Nega eventually managed to gather enough of his thoughts to sink into the ground as a shadow, quickly moving towards the generator.

"Oh no you DON'T!!" Selina shouted, jump kicking Nega away from generator.

"Why do you side with the faker? I am your real frie-" he began to try and stop the fox.

"Shut up!!" Selina snapped, smacking her hands together and igniting the chemicals on her gloves and setting them on fire. "You aren't Jason!" she angrily said, punching the clone several times when it suddenly leaped stretched his arm out to the generator, which he grabbed, sending electricity down his arm and charging him up. Selina tried to punch him, but Nega Jason leaped into the air and grew a pair of bat wings, his body still crackling with electricity. "Now that's just not fair!!" she said angrily.

"Too bad! I'm a jerk!" Nega snarled, the electricity gathering in his hands, which he fired into the air, raining down as lightning bolts.

"Okay, that's it!!" Jason said angrily after his jacket was singed by the lightning. He reached into his jacket and threw a flash bang at Nega Jason, but it was knocked away.

"You missed." Nega said, just as he was hit in the back with a shot from Jamie using his copy of the Positive Chaos Energy Cannon.

"Not me." Jamie said smugly before he was hit in the arm with what looked like negative chaos energy in the shape of a dagger.

"Oh, you're dead <bleep>." Jason said, running towards Nega with his sword out and slashing towards him, but was stopped when Nega formed a giant broadsword in his hands. "Sword fight, eh? Fine by me!" Jason said, swinging his sword several times, each time being blocked by Nega's broadsword, but after a minute of them clashing, Jason was kicked back several feet.

"You will die now!!" Nega said, charging forward with his sword held high, but when he swung it at Jason, he quickly ducked, feeling the breeze of the blade on the back of his neck, then he stuck his leg out, tripping the creature right into Selina and Neo, who punched the clone in the face together, knocking him to Amy, who swung her hammer at Nega, making him stumble towards the path of Jamie, who grabbed Nega with the P.C.E.C.'s beam, and flung him away. Tail flew up into the air, then kicked Nega into the range off Sonic, who homing attacked him, and Eggman, who had finally managed to repair his Eggmobile in time, used the Vulcan bazooka to send Nega back to the ground.

Nega tried to get up again, but found himself surrounded.

"It's over, Nega Jason." Jason said triumphantly, pointing his sword at the creature's neck.

Nega seemed worried for a second before he suddenly split his face into a grin. "Over?" he asked. "Why my dear, delusional copycat..." he said. "It hasn't even begun." Before anyone could stop him Nega pounced at Jason and latched onto his face, making him collapse on the floor as he squirmed in pain.

"Jason!" Jamie shouted in fear.
Phew... I'm done. :)

Welp, now you all now how Jamie was saved. Oh, BTW, I used a translator for the spell, and it's Portuguese, but um, if my Grammer is incorrect or something, I apologize.

Boss profile will be posted in a few minutes.

Please review.

Sonic and co. are © to Sega.

Jason, Selina, Jamie, Nega Jason, and A-987 are © to me.

All the pop culture references belong to their respective owners.

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