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Book Two: Dark Shadows

Chapter 6: Shadows

When the group arrived at the Egg Carrier 3.0, they saw that Eggman was expecting them, judging from all the armed robots that were waiting for them in the docking bay.

"An ambush!" Knuckles shouted needlessly.

"Destroy the intruders!" a modified Egg Shooter shouted before firing at the group.

"Whoa!" Jason shouted before just barely managing to dodge the onslaught of- "Bullets!? REAL bullets!?!" Jason yelled out in shock.

"But Eggman doesn't like to use bullets!" Tails shouted as he flew around, trying to dodge the gunfire.

"Then why's Omega becoming a sieve?!" Selina yelled, pointing to the robot, who was becoming pelted by bullets.

"Do not worry, Gamma and I will stop the enemies." Metal Sonic said over all the chaos ensuing.

"Fire!" Gamma shouted as the robot fired his arm cannon at the Egg Shooters, taking out several of them while Metal Sonic did several homing attacks, which took out enough of the robots so that the others could fight back as well.

"Is it just me, or were these robots tougher than usual?" Sonic asked after downing the last robot.

"Yeah, they were." Selina said as she rubbed her somewhat sore hands. "You think Eggman finally decided to grow a brain?"

"Nah, he probably just decided to try out some new materials." Jason said while he put away Renewed Hope.

"Either way, we should get moving." Shadow said simply.

"Right, lead the way Metal." Jason said.

"Very well Jason." Metal Sonic said before moving ahead of the group.

A few minutes later the group came across another group of robots, this one consisting of Egg Knights that had guns and spikes built into their shields.

"Eradicate the intruders!" an Egg Knight shouted before charging forward, but with its shield held forward as to ram the heroes.

"Everyone scatter, quickly!" Shadow shouted, making everyone leap out of the Egg Knight's path.

"Annihilate all enemy robots!" Omega shouted before attacking the Egg Knight from behind.

For several minutes the group fought the Egg Knights, but it was clear that they were not doing too well.

"Damn it, what the hell did Eggman make these robots out of?!" Selina asked after seeing her nightsticks start to bend from hitting the Egg Knights so much.

"I don't know, but this is making me miss my Werehog form!" Sonic shouted as he tried to homing attack an enemy, only to stop in order to prevent himself from getting skewered by the shield spikes.

'Chaos, we could REALLY use that extra power you were telling me about!!!' Jason mentally yelled as he dodged an Egg Knight's sword, having lost his sword in a previous fight.

"do not worry, i shall provide aid" Chaos said as Jason's arms began to turn into water.

'Thanks.' Jason thought before grabbing the Egg Knight's sword and pulling it out of its grasp. "Let's see what these arms can do!" Jason yelled before swinging an arm at the robot, knocking it back a few feet with a small splash effect. "Cool, just like Sonic as the Werehog." Jason said as he started punching the robot, his fists enlarging like the Werehog's.

After a while the other Egg Knights noticed the new threat and ran over to stop Jason, leaving them open to attack from the heroes, which quickly lead to the Egg Knights being defeated.

"Alright then Jason, can you tell us how you got those arms, and why your eyes are completely green?" Tails asked after taking care of the final Egg Knight with some dummy rings. So Jason reluctantly explained how he agreed to become Chaos's avatar.

"Whatever happened to 'I believe in no gods'?" Selina asked.

"Chaos isn't a god. He's a high ranking deity, there's a difference." Jason said in defense as he turned back to his normal hedgehog form.

"Sure, whatever." Selina said as she continued forward.

"Hey, wait up!" Jason called out as he ran next to her, not noticing that was Shadow telling Omega something.

After a few minutes the group came across several Areo-cannons that were flying towards them while firing several fast moving missiles, but the cannons were moving too fast to be homing attacked or grabbed, and Gamma and Omega were starting to run out of missiles. After dodging enemy fire for several minutes Selina remembered another weapon she was working on.

"Everyone get down!" Selina yelled while pulling out her synthesizer. When everyone had done so Selina quickly pressed a few buttons in a specific combination then slid her fingers across all the keys, making several small, red missiles shoot out of the end and hit the Areo-cannons, destroying them.

After a few seconds Jason walked over to Selina. "Let me get this straight, you modified your synthesizer, to shoot fireworks?" Jason asked.

"They're not fireworks, they're compact military grade missiles that look like fireworks." Selina said.

"And you never used them before, why?" Jason asked.

"Do you know how expensive these things are?" Selina said as the group continued forward.

"Hey Trickster," Rouge asked as she ran up, "what do you plan on doing once we find your brother?"

"We find Eggman, take that Egg<bleep> down, then we blow this <bleep> of an airship up." Jason responded.

"That's... certainly a straightforward plan." Rouge said.

"It's quick and efficient." Jason said.

Rouge quieted after that and rejoined Shadow. For several minutes the group continued forward, fighting several more heavily modified robots along the way, before eventually coming upon a large door that was both locked and heavily reinforced.

"Ah <bleep>, how do we get in?" Jason asked. Knuckles tried to knock the door down with his fists, but that did nothing.

"There's an interface panel nearby, perhaps I can access it." Metal Sonic said before hooking up to the panel, only to be electrified. "It would appear that I've been locked out of the system."

"Let me try." Selina said as she came over to the panel with Cogsworth.

"How's that wind up toy going to unlock this door?" Rouge mockingly asked. Instead of answering Selina plugged Cogsworth into the panel and waited. After only a few seconds the door slid open. "... okay, I'll admit you're pretty good for an amateur." Rouge admitted before the group entered a large, empty chamber.

"Why do I get the feeling that there's a trap here?" Jason asked.

"Because you are correct, Trickster..." said Eggman as he slowly descended from the ceiling in his heavily modified Egg Mobile.

"Eggman, I want my brother back, you fat <bleep>!" Jason shouted.

"Brother? I don't have your brother, Trickster." Eggman said.

"Don't feed me that bull<bleep>, I know you have him trapped in a metal body!" Jason shouted.

"Oh, you're probably referring to A-987, but I don't see how he can be your brother, because his original body was that of a humans'." Eggman said.

"Just hand him over, or else Sonic will NEVER have to worry about you again." Jason threatened.

"What, and loose my best soldier? Sorry, but no." Eggman responded.

"Chosen One, there is something wrong with the doctor, he has two soul auras, his normal gray one, and one that is completely black" Chaos said.

'You mean he's possessed?' Jason asked.

"most likely" Chaos conformed.

"Why did you switch your weapon type Dr. Eggman? Normally you just use lasers." Tails asked before Jason could speak to Eggman.

"I got tired of loosing, so I decided to upgrade to something more effective." Eggman said.

"But you don't like bullets." Metal Sonic said.

"If I have to use them to kill Sonic then I'll marry them!" Eggman shouted as he pushed a few buttons on his console, making a hatch under his Egg Mobile open and a machine gun appear, Eggman firing at the group without hesitating. "Oh ho ho ho! It would be virtually impossible for you to stop me now, Sonic!"

"That's what you always say, Egghead!" Sonic shouted as he dodged the gunfire.

"Well this time I really mean it!"  Eggman shouted back. Jason tried to homing attack the Doctor, but was knocked away before he could hit him.

"Gah! Who hit-" Jason started to say before he was punched in the face by a gold and blue robot with red and yellow eyes. "Jamie?!"

"Incorrect, this Unit's designation is Prototype A-987." the robot said before firing a blast from its hand laser, which Jason barely dodged.

"Whoa! Jamie, snap out of it!" Jason shouted as he dodged the robot's extremely fast martial art moves.

"I told you, Trickster, the anomaly you call Jamie is not here, that virus has been purged from my system." A-987 said as its left hand retracted into its arm and a drill was launched from it.

"Whoa!" Jason shouted as he dodged the drills. "Since when could you do that?!"

"Doctor Robotnik gave this Unit several upgrades before your arrival." A-987 said as it fired a small, flat missile at Jason, cutting deeply into his arm before returning to A-987.

"Gah! Evidently Egg<bleep> didn't upgrade your speech." Jason said as he grabbed his arm in pain.

"Even when you are about to die you still insult this Unit?!" A-987 said as it charged up its arm cannon.

"What can I say?" Jason said as he slid his good arm into his jacket, "I'm an <bleep>hole." Jason then pulled out his Gamma Missile launcher and fired a few missiles at the robot, hitting it in the chest area before it could react.

"Gah! I'm hit!" A-987 shouted, but in a different, more familiar voice as its eyes become blue and green.

"Jamie?! That you??" Jason shouted desperately as he ran over.

"Jason? Is that really-? AHH!" Jamie shouted before grasping his head in apparent pain. Before Jason could ask if he was alright he was punched in the stomach.

"It appears the little brat isn't as well held back as this Unit thought." A-987 said, its eyes and voice back to its mechanical tone.

"So I just gotta hit ya enough times and my lil' bro will come back?" Jason asked, his Bronx accent slipping through a bit. "Then just hold on, Jamie. I gotta trash this bucket's servos." Jason said as he fired several missiles at A-987, only for them to be blocked by its shield.

"Lets take this fight away from the others." A-987 said before remotely making a door open to the outer hallways and flying out of the room.

"Jamie! Come back!" Jason shouted as he chased after the robot, who flew down several endless hallways.

"How many times must this Unit tell you? Jamie Drummond is GONE! Only this Unit remains!" A-987 shouted as it used a frost gun to create a spiked wall in Jason's path, which he simply dodged.

"You're gonna have to try a lot harder than that to beat me!" Jason shouted to A-987 before doing a homing attack, only to be knocked back by the robot's shield.

"This Unit will not let you damage it so easily." A-987 said as a flamethrower on its left wrist activated and tried to burn Jason, who quickly let go of the shield and leaped off.

"Okay, this is gonna be a bit tougher than I thought." Jason said to himself.

"Correction, this will be very difficult for you." A-987 said as a green hologram of the robot appeared next to it.

"A hologram?" Jason scoffed. "How's a hologram that doesn't even look that much like you going  to increase the difficulty?" The moment those words left his lips the hologram flew at him and knocked him over. "Ugh! What the hell?! How'd that thing knock me over?!"

"The copy also contains a force field in it, allowing it to physically engage you. But it doesn't require a force field for its lasers to hurt you." A-987 said as both it and its clone fired lasers at Jason, who dodged them as best as he could.

"Damn it! That was too close!" Jason said as a blast nearly took his left ear off.

"But not close enough." A-987 said as he and its holographic copy's laser generators started charging with energy.

"Oh <bleep>." Jason said. But before the real robot was able to fire its weapon, it suddenly grasped its head in pain, making the clone vanish as well.

"NO! I... refuse... to... hurt him!!" Jamie's voice said as his eyes flicked between its two sets of colors.

"Jamie?" Jason asked.

"Hit him... now!" Jamie said as he continued holding his head in pain.

"Now?! But you'll get hurt too!" Jason argued.

"It's your only chance! Hit him now!" Jamie said.

"Sorry about this bro." Jason said as he curled up into a ball and reluctantly homing attacked his brother, knocking him to the floor and reverting him to his robot state.

"That was an unexpected move, Trickster, but it will be the only one that does true damage!" A-987 said as it picked itself up and began glowing with bright, white energy.

"What the fu-" Jason said as he was suddenly hit with several slashes and lightning bolts, despite A-987 having not moved. "H-how..?" Jason asked, unable to speak due to his mouth filling with blood.

"Doctor Robotnik modified this Unit with an experimental generator that creates Chaos Control, effectively stopping time. This Unit charged up its lightning generator while Chaos Control was activated, then this Unit used its Tengu blades to do further damage." A-987 said before kicking Jason's legs out from under him.

"Ugh! You thon ov a bi-!" Jason started to say through a mouthful of blood before he was kicked again by A-987.

"Foolish organic, did you really think you could beat this Unit without sacrificing your brother?" A-987 asked as he continued kicking down Jason. "You are weak, flimsy, and unable to accept sacrifice. You are a failure to your brother."

"Thaths... noth  thrue..." Jason said through the blood in his mouth before A-987 rested its foot on Jason's stomach.

"This Unit has access to your brother's memories, and do you know what his final thoughts were before he passed out from smoke inhalation? 'Damn you, Jason. Damn you to hell.' That is what your admiring brother thought of you in his final moments of organic life." A-987 said coldly. "Face it, Jason, you are a failure to Sonic, a failure to your friends, a failure of a person, and a failure to Jamie!" A-987 shouted as it slammed its foot down, only to be stopped by something. But before the robot could register what was stopping it, A-987 was thrown off, where it slammed against the wall. "What the..?"

Jason slowly picked himself up, but he looked different. For one, there was a dark aura surrounding him, only it was much larger, and Jason's nails became long claws while his eyes turned into a bright orange color.

"Never... call me... a failure!" Jason shouted, his voice sounding extremely distorted, before leaping at the robot, who raised its shield to block Jason, only for it to be knocked aside by Jason's claws. "I'm going to kill you trying to ruin my brother's memory!" Jason said as he slashed at A-987 repeatedly, causing deep gouges in its body.

"Stop it! This Unit deman-" A-987 began to say before Jason's claw went through the neuro-filtrator, destroying A-987's control over the robot body and turning its eyes light blue and green.

"Jason! I'm-" Jamie said, only for the claws to continue slashing at the mechanical body. "Jason, stop! I'm back!" Jamie shouted, but Jason didn't listen.

"You will pay for hurting my brother!" Jason yelled, his voice becoming increasingly more distorted and deeper.

"Brother, please stop!" Jamie said, his power supply draining rapidly, forcing him to go into sleep mode. "Jason... please..." Jamie said as he slipped into an unconscious mode, a single tear of oil leaking from his eye.

Just when Jason was about to sever the final power line, he glanced upon the tear, and realized what he was doing. "Jamie..." Jason said in horrified shock. "I'm so sorry..." Jason said before he collapsed next to his brother, his head weak and dizzy. The last thing Jason saw before passing out was a group of silhouettes approaching the two.
FINALLY! I'm SO sorry this took a while guys, a combination of writer's block, video game frustrations, and plain old laziness kept me from writing this chapter, but I finally forced myself to work on it.

Well, you guys have now seen Jason's dark form, and you have learned just how different Eggman is acting. But who or what is possessing Eggbrain? Find out next time!

BTW, can you guys check for any errors? The fact that I forced myself to do so much in only a few days has me nervous that there's a few errors, so could you guys double check for me?

Please review.

Sonic and co. are © to Sega.

Jason, Selina, Jamie, and A-987 are © to me.

All the pop culture references belong to their respective owners.

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AREtiMes Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dash: -eye twitch- THAT. WAS. SO. DANG. INSISTENCE!!!
Tremor: -covers his mouth- my gosh... poor Jamie... -murmurs something so low no one can hear-
Gifly: HOLY SMOKE-A-RONNIE! That was awesome!!
Me: Oh... my... gosh... that was awesomely, incredibly... EPIC!!!
Gatlinggundemon9 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Jason: Thank you.

Me: ^^
AREtiMes Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dash: No prob. Wow... that was epic...
Gatlinggundemon9 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Jason: Good, cause the last part was a bit rushed.
AREtiMes Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dash: RUSHED!? Are you kidding me?! It might have been a little quick, but still! Epic is Epic!
Gatlinggundemon9 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Jason: Awesome!
extremespeeds Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

And sad...
Gatlinggundemon9 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you, and I'll be posting the boss profile in a few minutes. BTW, I changed the eye color to orange to make Jason's Dark form to be less like a rip off of Ryan when he's in a bad mood.
extremespeeds Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
*does the Yellow Submarine*
Gatlinggundemon9 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Jason: Whatever you say, generic British Eggman.
extremespeeds Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ryan: *yells and rambles British slang*
Gatlinggundemon9 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Jason: XD
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